Greens Report

Greens Report



Welcome to the Spring greens newsletter, as part of more open communications with the members I would like to produce a newsheet on at least a bi-annual basis. The aim of this report is to give you an insight into what work has been carried out and also what we plan to do in the coming months.

After a great 3 years with Dave Vine as Chair of Greens, he has decided to step down due to other commitments. Dave has been a great help to me and the team, giving advice and guidance as required. He was often seen with his sleeves rolled up, helping with paths, using his digger clearing ditches and general construction projects.


My personal thanks and those of the team for his significant contribution.

Dean Stokes will be taking over the role from 1st May and I believe he will bring a new dimension to the overall appearance and set-up of the course. Dave will still be available for the building and construction projects as he is remaining on the greens committee.

The greens committee are planning a course walk in early May. This will consolidate what we plan to do hole by hole on the course this year. I will be producing a summary document for the membership shortly after, certainly by the end of May.

General Update

After a dry and mild winter, a much-welcomed change from previous winters, we have managed to carry out a number of projects and work around the course. Last autumn gave us the opportunity to create the new ditch in front of the 6th green. This will enable better drainage and I am sure you will agree is now a great feature.

We have also extended the cart track to the left side of the 4th fairway down towards the 5th fairway, alongside the wall. Hopefully this will enable better access during wet and heavy weather. We will probably extend this up the left side of the 5th fairway, depending on the schedule and priority.

Drainage work has been completed on the 12th and at the end of last year we gravel banded the left side of the 4th.

We have cut-back and tidied up all the gorse bushes to enable ball finding easier. The gorse bush on the 12th has been removed completely and this will be grassed over, I am sure the ladies will be delighted.

All the benches have been repainted or stained. All tee markers have had a protective wrap in coloured vinyl and all red/yellow/white stakes have been painted.

Green Team

Kyran Lilley – Head green Keeper and the team, proudly presents the new ditch and the bridge on the sixth fairway.


In the last few weeks we have applied a spring starter feed which contains iron, this helps to discourage moss and promote strong and healthy grass growth to infill bare areas. We are now hoping for some rain to kick start the growing process.

This year we have altered our renovation program slightly. Instead of the usual hollow coring we have verticut and solid tined greens, once this was complete we have over seeded and top dressed. We have changed our spring renovations to keep disruption to a minimum, due to the colder temperatures we experience on our course at the beginning of the season.


Last year tees the took a hammering due to the extremely warm weather we experienced. Last autumn we seeded and top dressed all tees then added a winter feed. At the beginning of March we applied the first feed of the year which contained 7% iron, which as mentioned will blacken off and weaken any moss, it has also helped to thicken up the sward and fill in any bare areas. Last week we top dressed and seeded any bare areas and applied a liquid feed to encourage growth. Again we await the rain.

The 7th tee has been levelled and extended, the 13th tee has had an increase in height, levelled and turf added. Both these new tees will be in operation over the coming weeks, probably for the May medal.

HGC Greens Team

‘The green team’ – Tyler, Andy, Liam, Kyran, Danny & Alan


We recognise that the bunkers are the worst element of the course. These have been in general debate for a number of years. Following the planned ‘course walk’ and as part of the summary report we will include a schedule of work topping up sand in specific bunkers, re-shaping and removal of plateau’s which have developed in a number of bunkers.

Rough and Fairways

Rough and fairways are being cut on a weekly basis. We are leaving the rough slightly longer before mowing to try and encourage it to thicken up and allow us to create some definition around the fairways.

Fairways are to be sprayed for weeds and divoted where needed.

Divot Bags

We have re-introduced the divot bags, which contain soil and seeds and are there for members to pick up a bag and ‘fill a divot as you go’. Containers will be provided for the empty bags so that we can collect and refill. We plan to have a divot evening and we encourage as many members as possible to help, pie & peas will be provided by the club as a thank you.

Kyran Lilley

Kyran Lilley – Head Green Keeper

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