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8.00-1.00pm Private Meeting - Dining Room
Ladies C v Alwoodley (H)
Toffs v Skipton (H
2.30pm Tee Rabbits v Wetherby (H)
6.30am BNI Meeting
9.30-10.20am VP
16 players 
Bradford 8-15 v Clayton (A)
7.00pm 50th Birthday in Lounge - 80 guests

Ladies Weekend League v  Forrest Park (H)
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Bank Holiday Stableford 
Mixed Greensome 

Centenary & Club Trophy 
Rotary Lunch
Rabbits v Knaresborough (A)
Juniors v Howley Hall (A)  

12.30pm Funeral Tea - Lounge 20 guests 
Leeds 8-15 v Scarthingwell (H) 
6.00pm Rotary Meeting 
7.15pm Ladies Committee 
7.00pm Westway Meeting

Toffs v Shipley (A) 
10.28-11.08am Whole in One Golf 
Ladies C v Shipley Northcliffe (A) 
7.00pm Rabbits Committee 
6.00am Special BNI Meeting

6.30am BNI Meeting 
9.26-10.04 VP (20 players)
12.00 Funeral In Lounge
Bradford 8-15 v Clayton (H)
Medal & Peace Trophy Qualifier 
6.30pm Evening Wedding Reception - 150 guests
EG & Alt Medal
VP 11.00am 12 Players
12.44-13.08 The Wybeck GS
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
12.00-1.34pm Working Stewards Golf Day 
Scratch v Oulton (A) 
Nett v Moor Allerton (H)

EG & Club Medal, Peace & Newby Qualifier 
8.30-12.30 Whole in One Meeting
Rotary Lunch 
12.30pm NEM Pensioners Lunch 
3.45pm Funeral in Lounge - 80 guests 
Juniors v Oulton (H)
1.00pm Past Captains
& Presidents
Spring Meeting 
3.15pm Funeral in Lounge - 50 guests
Toffs v Bingley St Ives (A) 
Ladies B v Lees Hall (H) 
Rabbits v Knaresborough (H)
6.00pm Leeds Trinity Dinner

6.30am BNI Meeting 
Bradford 8-15 v Keighley (H)
 VP Plexus
(30 Players)
from 1pm to 2pm
VP keith hooks 8 players
Medal Eclectic 1 
7.00pm 60th Birthday Party - Lounge

9.56-10.25am Leeds JGS
Ladies v Gents
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Scratch v Darrington (H) 
Nett v Normanton (A)

Lady Captain v Lady President Matchplay 
Rotary Lunch 
7.00pm BCRAG Pamper Evening
Dom Giinty 12 players
9.00am JEM Meeting
(Dining Room)
3.00pm Captains Friendly v
Headingley (H) 
Ladies Evening League v Sandmoor (A)

Toffs v Keighley (H) 
Ladies C v Leeds (H) 
Rabbits v Scarcroft (A) 
Ladies Evening League v Cookridge (A)
Funeral In Lounge
3.15pm arrival
50 guests
6.30am BNI Meeting 
 11.00-11.16am - VP (12 players) 
Bradford 8-15 v Keighley (A)
Rabbits Diamond Jubilee 4BBB
Alt Club & Coronation Foursomes Stableford  
11.24-11.48 Edmond House GS
Ladies Weekend League v Skidby Lakes (H) 
11.30am Christening in Lounge - 120 guests 
27 28 29 30 31
Bank Holiday Stableford
Mixed Greensome  
Club & Coronation Foursomes  Stableford
 7.00pm Rotary Dinner
Leeds 8-15 v Sandmoor (H) 
7.30pm Council
12.30pm Ladies Friendly v Otley (H)
 2.30pm Rabbits v Oakdale (H)
6.30am BNI Meeting
Bradford 8-15 v Branshaw (A) 

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