1st "Billing"


Pro Tip

1st Hole A slightly uphill par 4 to start your round, beware of the visible ditch in front of the tee and the hidden ditch up the right hand side off the fairway. A long well guarded green awaits with your approach which plays a little longer than it looks.

Yds Par SI
331 4 11
314 4 11
276 4 15

2nd "Whin Field"


Pro Tip

2nd Hole An accurate tee shot is required as down the left is out of bounds, a drive down the left centre will leave you in good position as the fairway naturally runs to the right. Leave yourself below the hole with your approach or face a super fast downhill putt.

Yds Par SI
293 4 7
335 4 7
345 4 5

3rd "Baten Out"


Pro Tip

3rd Hole The first of Horsforth Golf Clubs great par’s. Hit one more club than you think, anything short will leave a tricky up and down for par.

Yds Par SI
165 3 17
144 3 17
131 3 17

4th "Sheep Hill"


Pro Tip

4th Hole A good drive just right of centre will leave you in a perfect position off the tee. A mid to short iron aimed at the right hand side of this long green, too far left and you will run off the green.

Yds Par SI
382 4 3
333 4 3
325 4 9

5th "Sun Set"


Pro Tip

5th Hole Risk or reward for this short 282 yards par 4, beware the trouble that awaits for the errant attempt at glory. The sensible approach is to lay up short of the bunker in the centre of the fairway to leave a short iron to this well protected green.

Yds Par SI
282 4 13
259 4 13
272 4 7

6th "Moor Top"


Pro Tip

6th Hole The first of Horsforth Golf Clubs par 5’s, a gentle dogleg left to right. A perfect tee shot should be just right of centre, this will leave you with a good second towards the green, for the longer hitters a chance to reach in two. A slightly raised green waits with bunkers both left and right.

Yds Par SI
530 5 9
510 5 9
473 5 3

7th "Spring Close"


Pro Tip

7th Hole The longest Par 4 on the course, only two well stuck shots will find the putting surface on this index one hole.

Yds Par SI
436 4 1
405 4 1
405 5 13

8th "Bents"


Pro Tip

8th Hole A gentle right to left dogleg, a good tee shot will leave a long-mid iron approach that will play a little longer than the eye will see. Beware of the right hand bunker as this seems to attract every wayward approach.

Yds Par SI
395 5 5
390 4 5
366 4 1

9th "Shelter"


Pro Tip

9th Hole A testing par 3 to finish off the front 9 at 185 yards, a mid to long iron will be required to reach the surface. Bunkers await both left and right.

Yds Par SI
146 3 15
185 3 15
163 3 11

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Horsforth Golf Club
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Tel: 0113 258 6819

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