10th "Summit"


Pro Tip

10th Hole The opening to the back nine starts with a severe dog leg right to left. The tee shot aimed at the marker will leave you in good position. Your approach must be accurate to a small green. Longer hitters are able to take on the corner and leave a much shorter shot to the green, however be careful as out of bounds runs down the left hand side.

Yds Par SI
353 4 12
346 4 12
289 4 16

11th "Long Close"


Pro Tip

11th hole Another great par 3 this time over a valley, club selection is important and will depend on the wind direction. Our index 18 hole isn’t as easy as the card suggests.

Yds Par SI
170 3 18
161 3 18
153 3 16

12th "Pyramid"


Pro Tip

12th Hole A blind tee shot over the trees is required on this hole, aim just right of the marker to leave you in a good position. Longer hitters beware as a bunker is perfectly placed in the centre of the fairway to catch you out. Your approach is downhill to the green which runs away from you, therefore play short to allow for a little run on the ball.

Yds Par SI
375 4 6
354 4 6
349 4 2

13th "Sand Pits"


Pro Tip

13th Hole A real birdie chance for the longer hitters - if you hit the fairway with your tee shot! Beware a couple of bunkers on the right hand side of the fairway. Avoid the right hand trap with your approach and a birdie putt awaits you.

Yds Par SI
324 4 16
314 4 16
288 4 14

14th "Perfection"


Pro Tip

14th Hole An accurate tee shot is required as the airport runway runs parallel all down the left hand side. Once on the fairway you can run your ball on to this green or strike a quality iron which if struck properly will hold the green.

Yds Par SI
419 4 2
390 4 2
364 4 6

15th "Reservoir"


Pro Tip

15th Hole The final Par 3 and challenging at its best which is usually played into the prevailing wind. A draw off the right hand side is the perfect shot. Once on the green concentration and skill is required as the contours on this green need to be read properly. Make a 3 and walk away happy.

Yds Par SI
170 3 8
161 3 8
153 3 10

16th "Walls"


Pro Tip

16th Hole A true test of your driving ability off the competition tee with accuracy being the key. There is a little more room right than you think as it opens up beyond the trees. Once on the fairway your approach may have to be played over the corner of the out of bounds, longer hitters will be able to have a go for the green and create a birdie opportunity.

Yds Par SI
484 5 14
452 5 14
390 5 12

17th "Baten In"


Pro Tip

17th Hole The ditch running across the fairway is to be avoided off the tee, either lay up and leave a tougher second or longer hitters can be brave and have an easier approach. A slightly raised green awaits with a second tier at the back to climb if the flag is placed in that position.

Yds Par SI
366 4 4
365 4
323 4 8

18th "Home"


Pro Tip

18th Hole At 558 yards a great par 5 to finish, even the best players will be happy with a 5. The tee shot can lead you into a false sense as it is the widest on the course. Your second shot must be played over the brow of the hill – trust the marker, favour the right side with a little draw to leave an approach over a ditch to a green that runs away from you.

Yds Par SI
558 5 10
535 5 10
472 5 4

Practice Area


A warm welcome awaits you in the clubhouse for a well-earned drink to recap memories of those greats shots played and putt’s left on the course.


Horsforth Golf Club
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