Winter Guidance

Now the weather has really turned I would like to remind all members of a few simple things to be aware of during winter play.

PREFERRED LIES – You can now lift clean and place in the fairway and rough, to help save damage to the course matts are optional (this local rule will be reviewed depending on the course condition)

BUNKERS (Covid) – Bunkers are free relief, mark lift clean and place, BLUE stakes will indicate an unplayable bunker, free drop allowed outside the bunker

BUNKER REFURBISHMENT – Greenside bunkers on 1, 2, 8 & 9 are all GUR (no play zone) you MUST drop your ball outside the GUR line or in the DZ.

BUNKER REFURBISHMENT – Do not walk on newly turfed areas around these bunkers

WINTER TEES – A number of winter tees are being introduced, this is to avoid foot fall on the very wet areas of the course and limit damage to our tee boxes


  • Avoid walking across ladies’ tees (10 th 16 th etc.)
  • Walk around greens not across them with your bag
  • Walk around tee boxes and don’t take your bag onto them
  • Don’t take your trolley on the green surrounds or tees
  • Walk on the paths where possible or in the rough to minimise damage to the fairways
  • Repair pitchmarks & divots
  • Follow the routes indicated by signs and roped areas (even if you are carrying)
  • Temporary greens are marked out on some holes, even if these temporary
  • greens are not being used, they are still GUR

Following these guidelines will help our course play better through the winter and recover better in the spring



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